Cherry Blossoms at Incheon Freedom Park (인천 자유공원 벚꽃)


It is almost spring! So I want to share a great place to see cherry blossoms in South Korea. During my visit, I took the blue subway line 1 from Seoul to Incheon (about 45 minutes subway ride) to visit the Chinatown and the Freedom Park where there were cherry blossoms festivals and events. Yeouido is a popular place to view cherry blossoms, but since we were there during the beginning of May, the trees at Yeouido was already quite bare. My friend told me that the cherry blossom trees at Incheon and Busan are fuller well until mid-May depending on the weather.

Freedom Park entrance in Chinatown

Freedom Park entrance in Chinatown

The Chinatown in Incheon is a popular tourist location where you can buy souvenirs and eat Chinese food (mostly Korean Chinese food like jajangmyun and tangsooyook). The photo above is the entrance to Freedom Park (자유공원), a historic location commemorating General McArthur and US-Korea relations during the Korean War.

Statue of General McArthur

Statue of General McArthur

Freedom Park is also popular for its stunning view of the Incheon harbor (not pictured) and the cherry blossoms.


Ah, of course, the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are generally in bloom starting March until end of April~beginning May. We caught the last bits of the cherry blossoms (it had actually rained the night before), but it was still very pretty. The falling cherry blossom leaves felt like we were in a movie. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is actually a very romantic spot! I highly recommend bringing a nice camera, a special someone, or even walking peacefully alone. 


If you still have time after your visit, I recommend jumping on a taxi and visiting Wolmido. I blogged about it here. It is an amusement park right by the coast filled with games, rides, restaurants and more.

To get to the Freedom Park, take the blue line 1 to Incheon station and take exit 1. Outside the station you will see a big Chinese gate. This is the entrance for Chinatown. Head through the gate and keep walking until you get to the park.


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