Garosu-gil (가로수길)

I mentioned Garosu-gil in my previous posts about Korean cafe culture, but today I want to share more pictures of this beautiful little area within Sinsa-dong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


“Garosu-gil” literally translates to tree-lined street, which describes this quaint street of fashion boutiques, cafes, and restaurants.


This street is popular with tourists and Koreans because of its various themed cafes and western restaurants. It is also a very trendy area where celebrities are seen shopping or amateur models walk around hoping to be discovered by dslr-toting scouters.

20130508_184731This is one of my favorite spots along Garosugil. It’s towards the end of the street where you can relax over a cup of coffee. The open cafe style (featured on various coffeesmith chains) allows easy people watching, perfect for spotting the celebrities who may visit!


20130508_165744I noticed that there aren’t many vintage stores in Seoul. Imported luxury goods are usually sold brand new at department stores or in Apgujeong’s Rodeo Street. I discovered Vintage Owls hidden in small alley. You have to go downstairs and the store is quite small, but there is a really good selection of vintage luxury brands in great condition. Though, the prices are still more expensive than buying brand new clothes and accessories made in Korea.

20130508_162642I was surprised to see Joyrich! This brand is native to Los Angeles but has grown quite popular recently. Since this area is filled with upper-class trendsetters, companies like Joyrich and BOY London are very popular among the people who live and shop around Garosugil.

20130508_163116Smaller boutiques like these are usually owned by aspiring designers who design and make their own one-of-a-kind clothes. The clothes are usually sold as free-sizes (one-size) and a bit pricier than what you will find in Hongdae or Idae (mass-manufactured), but it’s nice to find such unique pieces because fashion trends are so homogeneous in Seoul.


Whether you’re by yourself, with a small group of friends, or a date, I highly recommend Garosu-gil in Gangnam. Save some money and an afternoon to walk down this beautiful street, I promise you won’t regret it!


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