Wolmido (월미도)


Wolmido is located right by the coast of Incheon and it is famous for its fresh seafood and amusement attractions and rides. It is a very popular location for families and couples! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Many people take strolls along the boardwalk, enjoying the fresh air, souvenir shopping, and the restaurants and cafes. Although Incheon is a very urban city, like Seoul, it is nice that Incheon also has the coast where people can enjoy a peaceful afternoon.


My friend said that he used to go to Wolmido all the time when he was a kid. There are a lot of things for children to do like these remote controlled cars that kids can ride while their parents drive from behind! They were all so cute we couldn’t help but stare haha.


This beautiful crane gazebo sits right at the edge of Wolmido, and there is also a pavilion next to it where people hold various performances like singing and dancing. There was a special event that seems to have attracted many people that afternoon.


More pictures of the boardwalk and the popular ferris wheel peeking out in the back. The ferris wheel is part of a larger area with many amusement thrill rides like the famous Disco Pang Pang (디스코팡팡) where a person controls a giant spinning wheel and people are seated with seat belts. The person usually makes funny, sometimes inappropriate, comments while tormenting his guests.




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