Korean Amusement Parks


There are many to choose from, but some of the popular ones include Lotte World, Everland, and Caribbean Bay. Last spring I visited Everland, Korea’s largest amusement park, located just south east of Seoul. There is no specific theme to Everland, but it slightly resembles Disneyland, with its various themed sections throughout the park. The sections include:

Zoo-Topia – an animal kingdom themed land featuring a petting zoo for little kids, animal shows, and the new popular attraction, Lost Valley which was featured on Running Man.


European Adventure – this area is filled with restaurants that resemble various European styles. In the center are fountains and flower gardens and children can ride a train circling this area. T Express is a famous wooden roller coaster that is also in this area.

Magic Land – Features Aesop’s Village filled with decoration from various fables of Aesop. The ferris wheel in this part of Everland can be seen from almost every part of of the park because it is so big.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

American Adventure – follows colonial American theme and featuring “Wild West” rides and other thrilling rides. There is also a corner featuring a 1950s themed rides and diner restaurants and 50s rock playing.

My sister and I knew Everland was popular and the lines for the rides can be very long, so we went on a Wednesday, hoping there wouldn’t be a lot of people. However, that day turned out to be a day where a lot of Korean elementary schools sent their kids to on a field trip. The entire park was filled with unchaperoned elementary school and middle school kids and it was fun but wild! It blew our mind how these kids were just walking around such a huge park by themselves, purchasing their own food, and planning the entire day themselves.

At the end of the day, there is a parade featuring brightly lit floats carrying various characters and dancers walking or roller-blading along-side the floats. This is a wonderful experience for every age group!IMG_9627


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