Seoul Clubbing

NB2, Cocoon, M2 are some of the popular clubs around Hongdae with kids ages 19 to mid 20s lining up outside to go in. While there will be clubbers every night of the week, the clubs are especially packed on the weekends.

  • Hongdae


NB2, short for Noise Basement, is rumored to be owned by YG Entertainment, with YG himself to be seen frequenting a studio upstairs right beside the club. Entrance is 11,000 won and 15,000 won after 12:00a and comes with a free drink ticket. The club plays mainly American hip hop remixes with the occasional 2NE1 or Big Bang hit. The main dance floor is not very large, but accommodates a large crowd with standing tables and a bar along the side. Upstairs features another bar and VIP area. Past the VIP balcony seating is a separate room with its own bar, DJ and dance floor–invite only.


NB2 can get VERY crowded on the weekends, and bouncers will still continue accepting people’s money and letting them squeeze in. Girls have to be careful as drunk guys may start getting touchy and even aggressive. If you are not interested, do not give them the time, just slip away ask quick as possible. Overall the music is good and the crowd is young and good looking. Also, do not be surprised when you see the promoters standing before you dancing a choreographed dance for others to copy.

Cocoon plays mostly house and techno remixes. Unlike ELLUI and the other Gangnam clubs, Cocoon does not usually feature a well-known DJ. There is usually a set playlist and it can get pretty repetitive. If you are into house music, I highly recommend going to Gangnam where there are featured DJs. The crowd is similar to NB2, young boys dressed in tight pants and Ts and girls dressed in short shorts and tights.


  • Gangnam

If you have ever been clubbing in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, Ellui is very similar. Clubs in Gangnam are much more plain compared to American clubs, especially in Vegas, which tend to focus more on decor and overall promotion of glamour of the club. Nevertheless, “Gangnam girls” flock the club and rich men throw down mad $$$ on tables and drinks.


The entrance fee to Ellui is usually 30,000 won, but on weekends they usually have a free entry pass with a special poster on their promotional facebook. The crowd is definitely older, mid 20s to early 30s. Also there are a lot of foreigners at Ellui, including special Djs from around the world. Famous house DJs such as Maximite are main DJs that are often featured on the weekends.

Similar clubs in Gangnam include Answer and Octagon, both of which I am not familiar with. I know that entrance fees are both 30,000 won, however, they do not have the special promotions as often as Ellui. I just know that Answer is the original Gangnam crowd that is always a popular choice. Octagon is a little newer that is growing in popularity for its unique club layout.

Octagon web

There is a street parallel to Gangnam-daero that has all the hofs, bars, and clubs. It is not as glitzy as Ellui, Answer, and Octagon but you will find cheaper entrance fees and a younger crowd at clubs such as Club Mass and NB1.


Let me know if you want to hit up any of these clubs and have more questions!


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